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Jean Murray: Music

With Gold I Bring from the Klondike

(Vocals: Theresa Reed, Bill Reed; pianist, Genie Loser)
Words by Wm. H. Gardner; music by Chas. D. Blake, 1897
Many a man made a promise like this to his wife or sweetheart as he left home to join the gold rush. Horace Conger sold his pharmacy in Kasota, Minnesota and took passage to Valdez, Alaska. Writing to his wife from Valdez on March 8, 1898, he said, “I hope and pray two years will find me on my way home with enough [wealth] to take us to Paris and to live on for the balance of our lives.” A year-and-a-half later he was in St. Michaels at the mouth of the Yukon River ready to return home—with no gold.