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Jean Murray: Photos

After Sunday services with the "Penelope Gang" on the Kobuk River in Alaska, winter 1898-99. Miners and Natives up and down the river attended.  (Bancroft Library, UCBerkeley)
At home in Beaver City, Alaska on the Alatna River, January 14, 1899. The child has a cigar box banjo.  Miners from Beaver, PA built the temporary town.  (Wyman Collection, #B89-24-56. Anchorage Museum of History and Art.)
An evening's entertainment in a cabin near Valdez, about 1904. (Anchorage Museum of History and Art)
The North American Trade and Travel Band at the company department store grand opening in Dawson, October 21,  1899. (University of Washington Library, Special Collections)
The Berry Family: Clarence holds the fiddle, his wife, Ethel B. the guitar, with dog, Sandy, holding the hat in front of their two-storey log cabin outside of Dawson. (Kinsey and Kinsey Photo Collection, University of Washington Libraries,)
Tea time for the ladies: Left, Diamond Tooth Gertie; right, favorite singer, Cad Wilson. (Hegg Collection, University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections Division)
The Freimuth Orchestra of Dawson, Yukon. (#5-6010, Canadian Museum of Civilization)
Palace Grand Theatre in Dawson built by Arizona Charlie Meadows. (Thomas Gibson Collection, Rasmuson Library Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks)
Music in the style of Scott Joplin.
The composer had claims in the Yukon in 1899 with friend, Eugene Schmitz, the mayor of San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake.